Kawasaki KZ1000 Police. Restoration story



Purchase story:

Long story of search. Finally motorcycle was found at private seller in Netherlands.

Bike condition was moderate.

Motorcycle was in moderate condition, was dropped on the left side, and had a lot of rust on the chrome parts. However it was appropriate for the 23 years bike, with mileage 70 k., and without serious maintenance from the last owner.

According information from the owner, he purchased this bike from the US Cinema Studio and the bike was filmed in the movie “Sin City”. At the mobile.de it was mentioned as KAWASAKI Z1000 POLICE BRUCE WILLIS EDITION.

Motorcycle was with European TUV.

 d1 d2

Restoration process:

Motorcycle was shipped to Latvia and registered at local PD. Since that we started detailed and careful process of disassembling and parts cleaning and restoration.  We had an ambitious plan restore this bike to the factory condition. The frame and all metal parts was sand blasted, then painted in black semi-gloss colour. We order the spare parts for suspension. Engine was glass blasted, cleaned, painted and some parts was replaced for the new one. Carburetor was ultrasonically cleaned and regulated. All chrome parts was newly chrom plated.

At the same time we made the detailed restoration of the plastic parts. The fairing, fender and tank was recovered and painted.

“Before” photos:

d3 d4

d5 d7 d8 d9

d11 d12 d13 d14 d15 d16 d17 d18 d19 d20 d21 d22 d23 d24 d25 d26 d31

“After” photos:

p1 p2 p3 p4

Фото-1444 Фото-1441

Фото-1440 Фото-1445

P5 p6 p7 P8 P9p23

P10 P11

p14 p16 p17 p18 p19 p20 p22 p28

Фото-1432 p25

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p36 p37